The eight hectare (20 acres) Nine Gums Vineyard nestles under the rolling Willunga Hills on Almond Grove Road at Willunga, Four hectares were planted in 1996 with shiraz vines (clone 1654) and three hectares were planted with the same shiraz clone cuttings in 1998. The vineyard planting was concluded towards the end of 2001 with the one acre home block.

The vineyard was initially maintained by Carlie Hayward(until she ventured to the more lucrative clime of Roxby Downs) and more recently has been meticulously managed by Tim Hunt. The partners have an occasional input into vineyard maintenance.

The now well established shiraz vines are producing fruit of a consistent character and quality.

Microclimate (terroir)

We are often asked how our relatively young vineyard produces shiraz of great quality and fruit depth. We believe we are truly fortunate in having the afternoon sea breezes from the Gulf gently cooling the ripening grapes in the late afteroon, while the gully breezes from the Willunga Hills cool the vines by night. This marvellous microclimate - together with the rich Urrbrea loam soil - allows us to consistently harvest ripe fruit with the now characteristic Brick Kiln flavour.

We believe we are
truly fortunate